Wear in your own style of sheepskin coats

As autumn comes, winter is not far away from us now. To wear in our own style and show our own fashion in winter is not an easy thing. At first, you need to abandon your obese down jackets if you wouldn’t like to look like this.

Then which kind of winter clothing is worthy to recommend? Maybe sheepskin coat is a clever choice. Sheepskin coats are much thinner but as warm as down ones. They are more popular among fashion icons because they can be worn in different styles and matched with other accessories  at their pleasure more easily. Here I’d like to share three of them with you.


1. Grey Sheepskin Shearling Trench Coat


Without much decorations, it just has two buttons and two large patched pockets. The design concept of it is contracted beauty. Have you felt that? To be honest, I didn’t feel that at the first sight and thought how such a simple coat could be stylish. But when I saw the dressing effect of the model, I changed my mind. It can be so chic and attractive. Just like the white shirt which has no decorations at all, it’s still a must-have for each man. And the simpler a clothes is, the more tests the wearer will receive. That is, how the wearer shows his charm through so simple clothes, to own a good figure, to try a new way of wearing or match some extra accessories with it. Actually, it leaves you more room to wear in your own style.

2. Vintage Shearling Trench Coat


The vintage color of the sheepskin brings us back to the past. But it has developed on the original basis. The techniques to make it are more advanced and exquisite, thus making it a thinner, lighter and more breathable shearling coat. Retro doesn’t mean out of date, contrarily it can be more fashionable than else. If you wear it properly, you will feel the glamour of the combination of retro and fashion.

3. Brown Suede Shearling Hooded Coat


With a removable hood, it has more options for you to wear in fashion ways. If it’s not too cold, you can get rid of the hood and stay the coat open and play handsome. When it gets chilly, put on the hood, do up the buttons or turn up the collar, that’ll have a different kind of aroma. And the hooded design adds a youthful feeling to the coat, have you felt that?

After some brief introductions of sheepskin coats, you must have your own ideas about them at present. If you are interested in one of them, just click the links or refer to this site. I hope you can all spend a warm and stylish winter.



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Sept 20, 2016

“Ice Age”(3): The Gelid Is No Longer Cold, All Warmth Is In CWMALLS

Have you heard of the earthquake occurred in Italy this Wednesday? It’s a magnitude-6.2 earthquake that struck in the middle of the night and has killed at least 247 people until now. What a pity! Although the magnitude is not so big, it can cause severe damage.


However, the degree of damage depends on many factors, such as the magnitude, the stability of constructions, density of population, rate of reaction and so on. So far the biggest earthquake ever recorded on the moment magnitude scale measured 9.5, which  happened in Chile in 1960. But the damage of Chile earthquake is much less than Huaxian earthquake in China in 1556 which was measured magnitude 8. It is recorded that about 20,000 people died in the former one while around 830,000 people died in the latter one. How amazing and regretful it is! To be frank, human beings are really small in the face of natural disasters. No matter how fast and well we react to the disaster, what we all can do is to minimize the damage. Therefore, it’s more important to prevent than cure just like illness.

Since we have mentioned natural disasters, we cannot ignore the “Ice Age” that was talked about in my previous blogs. The “Ice Age” is not a groundless rumor as something unusual has happened this year.


First, the surface water of North Atlantic is cooling. “The temperature of North Atlantic surface water is the main control on Europe’s climate,” says David Archibald. “This summer is not only behaving like fall, but even like winter,” says meteorologist Domink Jung. Second, there was a historically coldest night on record of August in the Netherlands. On Wednesday night the mercury in Twente dropped to 0 degree, which is unique because never anywhere in the country at this time of year has the temperature dropped to freezing. According to Weather Online, in the period from 20 July to 21 August there has never been reported frost on the ground. That night almost broke this record. Third, it snowed down to 1500 meters in the Alps in mid July. “For mid July such a low elevation snowfall is extremely rare,” reports meteorologist Dominik Jung. “Clearly snow is not real unusual in June or late August at these elevations, but in July it is truly an unusual event to witness. This summer is not only behaving like fall, but even like winter.” Actually, there is plenty of evidence proving the “Ice Age” is coming but I would stop giving examples here. To sum up, we shouldn’t ignore this event and ought to take preventive measures from now on. In addition, please don’t expect too much on such device as air conditioner or heating because they may break down when everybody uses them at the same time. And a better choice is to wear enough warm clothes like fur lined coats to keep your body heat. Of course, it’s your freedom and right to make a decision according to your own intelligence, and I just desire to bring up my advice.

Please remember that man and nature are not only competitors, but also partners and friends. Learning to respect, concern and understand each other will make friendly and sustainable development become the source of happiness! Man and nature, nature and science, science and CWMALLS will eventually make more contributions to human society and natural ecology! Welcome to set yourself an example to others, and take practical actions for our common stability, safety, prosperity and happiness! Let’s make the world become more beautiful for our existence! Writing here, my blogs of “Ice Age” series have come to an end. Thank you for your reading!



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August 25, 2016

A preparation for school —— a leather backpack

As the date of new term approaches, have you been prepared for school? Unfortunately, even if your soul wouldn’t like to go to school , your body has to do so. At the beginning of a new term, you may find many classmates have changed a lot, including their hair style or color, their dressing style, their backpack and other items, even their skin color or figure. There can be several changes either external or internal, or maybe both. So what’s your opinions about these changes? Do they make them better or worse? The majority ought to be good, unless they encountered a poor technical barber, became fatter or suffered other bad things. Then I’d wonder how much you have changed or just remained the same. Well, a new term means a new start and something new should take place. Let’s start from the basic equipment like backpacks. Most of the backpacks seen on the campus are made from polyester, fabric, nylon and canvas. To be distinctive and personalized, why not try leather ones? Genuine leather backpacks are not only diverse and stylish, but also waterproof and texture-good. More importantly, it is more admirable to use them for journeys as they seem less like schoolbags. Here I’d love to introduce four leather backpacks to you, two for man and two for woman.

1.Men’s Classic Leather Backpack


Made from natural genuine full grain calfskin leather, it has a wonderful texture and sturdiness. The highlight of it is the front double buckle flap pockets, where you are able to put some small things such as mobile phone, wallet, pens, scratch pad and so on. It’s quite convenient and beneficial. And the symmetrical structure looks much coordinated. The tan color and watch strap design bring us to the classic style. A back zip pocket is secret and helpful sometimes.

2.Men’s Alligator Embossed Leather Backpack


Its materials are the same as the former one but it seems quite different, right? It’s because the leather is embossed by alligator patterns which are uneven and fractal. But if you look carefully, you can find the patterns are symmetrical actually. The whole style is so domineering and manly, which is perfect for man. Another thing deserves to mention is its padded back breathable design that is humanized and considerable enough for wearers, also gives you a better wearing experience.

3.Women’s Classic Leather Backpack


This backpack is similar to the first one in many aspects including the color, watch strap design, back zip pocket and inside design. However, it’s more elaborate and suitable for female. If possible, this two can be matched as a couple that are similar but each has its characteristics.

4.Women’s Embossed Leather Backpack


As you can see, crocodile embossed patterns don’t belong to men merely. Women can also be cool. But there are some differences definitely. This one looks milder and smoother. And the thin straps suit women more. The classic zipper closure satisfies those who have a preference for it.

Although I have divided the four backpacks into two categories, you can choose one discretionarily according to your own fancy. And more designer leather backpacks are available to you on this site. Just pick a new backpack and take on a new look to start your new term, surprises may happen.



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Aug 18, 2016

Sheepskin Fur Coats for Ice Age

Are you still waiting for the continuation of the “Ice Age” blog? Don’t worry, here comes the second part of it (click here to review part one) —— the specific introductions of the “Ice Age” series of CWMALLS® 2in1 Construction Sheepskin Fur Coats.

1.Raccoon Fur Lined Sheepskin Coat CW836059


The natural sheepskin leather shell is imported from Australia, which together with the Canada imported raccoon fur make up of this 2in1 construction sheepskin fur coat. The large and supple raccoon fur collar gives you the most intimate guard in the cold wind, which is even more effective than a scarf. Besides, the dense and soft raccoon fur body lining will surround you with an extreme warmth. What is not visible is the shearling lining in the sleeves. Shearling is a bit shorter than raccoon fur, making your arms move more freely, however, without any decrease in warmth. Please note that there are no patterns on this coat as the tenet of it is simple luxury. It is available in black and wine.

2.Croc Embossed Shearling Fur Trench Coat CW836058


This coat differs from the first one mainly in two respects. On the one hand, it is lined all with shearling fur which is shorter and not easy to be tousy. On the other hand, the leather shell is covered with crocodile embossed patterns. As is known to all, crocodile is a fierce animal and it can let human beings fear. Thus this coat gives people an impression of power and domineering, which shows manly charms perfectly. To be more stereo, it adopts splicing workmanship to manufacture the shell. Have you been affected by this diligent work now?

3.Croc Embossed Shearling Coat with Fur Hood CW836057


There are always some people fond of hooded coats and here comes the boon. The body of it is lined with shearling fur while the hood is lined with raccoon fur. You cannot imagine how thick the hood is until putting it on. You are even not able to hear clearly when burying your head in the hood. Embossed by crocodile patterns as well, it also has its unique glamour.

4.Raccoon Fur Trim Shearling Coat with Fur Hood CW836065


Not different from the last coat too much, it has a long raccoon fur trim at the front, seeming warmer and more luxury. The biggest difference is the patterns on the leather shell. This one is merely embossed on the sleeves and back strap rather than all over, which looks less strong and more graceful. Also available in wine and black. This two hooded coats are extremely warm and able to block the snowstorm in extreme climates as they can protect you all around from the top of your head.

After brief introductions of the four main products of this series, I’m wondering whether you have been appealed. Although they have diverse styles and characters, they can all meet the requirements of “Ice Age”. Made from natural materials, they are the best choice from the other kinds of garments to help survive from such natural disasters as ice age. So what are you still waiting for? Take action immediately and save against a rainy day! (To be continued.)



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Aug 10, 2016

A Collection of Leather Jackets Quilted

If you are a faithful reader of me, you  must remember an article under the title of “Quilted leather jackets——a new concept of leather jackets”, in which I introduced an extraordinary white quilted leather jacket to you all. Recently, CWMALLS® has launched another series of black quilted leather jackets that I would like to share with you.

Men's balck quilted leather jackets

You may feel familiar with the first one as it’s the most classic style of quilted leather jackets whose pattern is rhombus. The other three pieces are definitely original and designer. Brand-new allover quilted patterns make them distinctive and appealing. Besides, I’m wondering whether you have noticed the collars, which don’t adopt traditional leather stand-up collars or turn-down collars but knitted rib collars, making the jackets look more concise and elegant. To match the knitted rib collar, the cuffs as well as the hem also adopt knitted rib design, leaving us an impression of harmonization and unification. Actually not only the unique patterns but also the exquisite workmanship are admirable. They have a high demand of technology in the manufacturing process so they cannot be offered custom service temporarily. However, they can still fit the ordinary figures, thus don’t be afraid of unfitness when you adore either of them.

Men's leather jackets quilted

As to the dress matching, you are able to refer to the models in the above pictures. A T- shirt, a shirt or even a vest inside may be perfect. You’d better not wear several clothes in it as there is one rule when wearing quilted leather jackets: wear only one piece in this material if you don’t want to look like Michelin Man. And it will be more manly if the zipper stays open. Of course you have the rights to wear according to your own taste and make it more personalized.

If you read here, you cannot deny the fact that you are interested in them. No matter what kind of quilted leather jackets you like, classic or novel, CWMALLS® can satisfy you. Therefore, if you have a complex of quilted leather jackets especially black ones, please do not hesitate to come to this site.



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Aug 3, 2016

Afraid of new “Ice Age” ? CWMALLS is with you

Today I would like to say something about “Ice Age” to you all. At the beginning, I’m wondering how much you have learned about “Ice Age”. Maybe many of you especially the young learned or paid attention to this concept from some popular movies such as Ice Age, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012: Ice Age, etc. Or perhaps you were already aware of it either by history and geography classes or reading relevant books on your own. No matter in which way you got it, you must regard it as a story that can merely happen in movies and history, that is, it’s far away from your real life. Unfortunately, a recent research indicates that as the solar activities decrease, the amount of sunspot is becoming less and less and then the earth is going to enter a new ice age for the lack of sunshine. CWMALLS has paid close attention to it. Some of you might not believe it and think it is sensational or exaggerated because it’s on weak ground and natural disasters are always hard to predict. I can sincerely understand this kind of opinions since nobody wants to be faced with such bad circumstances. What’s more, a more urgent and realistic problem we are confronted with is greenhouse effect, an event seemingly opposite to “Ice Age”. Actually, “Ice Age” is more likely to happen when the concentration of carbon dioxide is higher. It is known to all that the greenhouse effect has engendered glaciers melting and a rise in sea level, if there’s a sudden drop in temperature now whatever the cause is it will lead to an ice age where more glaciers exist. Believe it or not, scientists have brought up such a forecast and we should not ignore it.

Though the coming “Ice Age” will not be as cold as the situation where plenty of species would die out, it can be much chillier than normal. And then we will need more helpful clothing to help keep out the cold. Next it comes to the question that what kind of clothes on earth is the best choice. Nowadays quantities of clothes are made from synthetic materials rather than natural materials. No doubt they both have advantages as well as disadvantages, but natural materials are more intimate to human beings and of course can keep us warmer. Please imagine those animals that survived from “Ice Age”, each of them has thick skin and long hair to block the cold. Thus leather shearing jackets & coats can be a wise option for us. CWMALLS COMMODITY, a corporate devoted to original designed and handmade leather products, has launched its 2016 patented new product – 2in1 construction Sheepskin Shearling Jacket & Coat series in the light of “Ice Age”. This series of product is  all made from natural materials like genuine leather and fur, adding the unique handmade craftsmanship and custom service, so it will protect you from coldness perfectly. As for the introduction of specific products, please wait patiently and it’s coming soon! Or you are available to the official site of CWMALLS for reference.



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July 27, 2016

A black-and-white boot beyond imagination

Which two colors in your opinion are the most matched or the most compatible when put together? From my point of view, they are black and white. Maybe the majority of you will agree with me. Black is the darkest color while white is the brightest one, which are two extremes of color. The more contrastive they are, the more inseparable they will be. Therefore, countless things in our life are made up of these two colors especially in garment area. Nevertheless, black-and-white leather shoes are seldom found not to mention such leather boots. Here I’d like to introduce a black-and-white leather short boot to you and freshen your eyes.


Now you can refer to the above picture, what’s your first impression of it? Quite obvious black and white contrast heaves in sight, right? Different from ordinary zebra pattern that is alternate black and white, it’s divided into two parts where white is held essential with black as a supplement. Such primary and secondary designs are more artistic especially with the irregular curves. Then the shining metal pointed toe catches our eyes. This unique design makes the boot more noticeable and handsome. Accompanying the metal toe, there are metal decorations along the curve, making the whole boot more magnificent and coordinated. For easy putting on and taking off, it has a zipper on the side. Having learned about its design and appearance, you shouldn’t view it as merely a vase, namely, impractical. It can not only be a perfect choice for parties and balls but also be a wise option for daily wear. The high quality leather and sole will keep your feet comfy and dry after a whole day’s walking. Reading here, have you been appealed to it?

Vikrmn, an Indian writer, once wrote in his work, “The most colorful thing in the world is black and white, it contains all colors and at the same time excludes all.” Actually in the eyes of many people, black and white are not as simple as they seem to be, which depends on your aesthetic and ideology. So does the boot.



Freelance writer, columnist


July 8, 2016