Designer Handmade Sandals for Women

Warmly celebrate CMWALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2017 Original Design, Handmade Series – CWMALLS® Women’s Sandals officially being sold both online and offline synchronously all over the world. A great joint work of CWMALLS Network Lab and worldwide original design enthusiasts which brings more surprises and value to your leisure and fashion trips during the spring and summer of 2017. Handcraft(world intangible cultural heritage) that comes down one hundred years shapes into one and another pair of unique “handmade works of art” in various styles such as ethnic style, countryside style, vintage style, leisure style and exaggeration style. Meanwhile, set off by premium calfskin and sheepskin materials, every pair of CWMALLS Women’s Sandals becomes the scenery as a unity of nature and man. Welcome worldwide fashion icons, artists, original design enthusiasts, handcraft amateurs to pay great attention, and to actively appreciate and experience these!
womens-leather-sandalsCWMALLS® Sandals” is a latest networking achievement of CWMALLS original design and handcraft, and it is also a classic representative work of CWMALLS people’s brave innovation and craftsman spirit. Every originality, detail, and style of it have condensed the combined wisdom of “artist”, “philosopher” and “ideologist”, which makes every pair and every style of “stifling” works and artists. Practicability and personality, freedom and uniqueness, leisure and delicacy, beauty and elegance, these original features become sweeter, more romantic, natural and generous with the love in each stitch and the feeling in each cut, this is the reason that why CWMALLS Asia Pacific Center, CWMALLS North America Center, CWMALLS Europe Center, and all CWMALLS people who have their own attitudes, actively recommend it to worldwide old and new customers, consumers. It is really unique, it is really extraordinary, it is worth your owning! As the article says, women sandals market will continue to grow by 2026, so they will be popular for a long long time. CWMALLS, CMWALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND will be more wonderful with your common attention! CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS complex will fight back in 2017!


Feb 22, 2017

Unique Printed Leather Blazers in CWMALLS

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS COMMODITY 2017 Original Designer, Patented New Product Series -– Men’s Printed Leather Blazer officially coming online for presale and sale globally. The originality from “galaxy” and the poetry from the nature brand every style of these unique Printed Blazers with the mark of “dream”, “technology”, “beauty” and “future” together. This is a masterpiece of slimness and fashion, and more of a perfect combination of technology and art. Innovation+Originality+Nature+Intelligence=CWMALLS Printed Leather Blazer, this is an unusual start, and this is an extraordinary experience. Welcome worldwide fashion insiders, web celebrities, famous people, singers, movie stars and elites from all walks of life to pay active attention and appreciate this Patent Design of CWMALLS COMMODITY. The wonderfulness is in front of you, CWMALLS is just around you!

CWMALLS® Printed Leather Blazer” is our classic masterwork of “dream design” and “future design”, and the latest achievement of Technology CWMALLS, Art CWMALLS, Smart CWMALLS and Ecology CWMALLS. Its global online presale(“Custom Made” and “Personal Tailor” service are available) and sale are the latest embodiment as we advocate Design CWMALLS, Standard CWMALLS, Sharing CWMALLS and Network CWMALLS. The world joint innovation, design and manufacture also inject every style of Leather Blazer with the flavor of the world and the charm of the future. 3D printing technology, green and environmental material, laser cutting and sewing workmanship, the golden ratio structure and so on, these basic element construction will redefine your “space” life. This is the “Endeavour” and “Explorer” in the design field, and more of the “Compass” and “Steering Wheel” in the innovation field. With a brand new business and cooperation made, CWMALLS Printed Series opens up a distinctive fashion travel, with simple, direct, passionate and free design concept, its innovation makes every work and every product have a unique feature. This is the new standard and symbol of network age, internet age and mobile sharing age. Therefore, with our continuous innovation, exploration and tests, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS cooperative partners will turn every “vagarious” originality and ideas into work and products for you to share and experience. Meanwhile, we will improve the joy of sharing by cooperate with more famous people, celebrities, all kinds of fashion Parties, fashion shows. CWMALLS is open, and we will practice everything belongs to you, ourselves and the future with our concrete actions! Look forward to paying continuous attention to our high quality, featured new products, CWMALLS will be more wonderful with your supports!


Feb 21, 2017

Try the fashion style of Leather Shirts

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS COMMODITY 2017 original designer, patented new products 2in1 Leather Shirts officially coming online for global presale and sale. Unique original design, slim steric workmanship, diverse intelligent application, such innovation inject every style of works and new products with unlimited science and technology sense, and artistry. This is a great invention in this personalized, network, fragmentary and free age, and more of the latest masterpiece that we get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, and across the traditional. With an active attitude, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS complex sincerely invite your active appreciation, and you will get super surprise if acting right now!
leather-shirts-for-menThe grand global launch of “CWMALLS 2in1 Leather Shirt” for presale and sale, it is the classic masterpiece that we advocate fast sharing mode, and also the innovative achievement of our joint design and manufacture. From conception, design, production, marketing, sharing, every link and process is completed in our latest standardized, ecological and value basic framework, it really has a very special meaning. Top materials from countries of origin all over the world(premium raw materials from Canada, the United States, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Spain, Australia, Japan, etc.), and distinctive designs from “fission designers”, they together form up one and another style of outstanding technological products and artistic products, and making it have very strong future styles and elements. Green and environmental wild card dying workmanship(strict ISO17234 standard), and special service as “custom made” and “personal tailor”, to be your best choice for becoming different at anytime. No matter you are fashion icons,  denim lovers, hippies, artists or writers, all of you can find a home in CWMALLS 2in1 Leather Shirt. Its uniqueness is to be different in every way, the original design concept comes down in one continuous line will bring infinite vitality to your wonderful life and quality living. Many people might not accept leather shirt in the past, but they have changed their minds since high-fashion designers added their stylish touches. So welcome partners from all over the world to appreciate and experience it actively! It is really different!


Feb 19, 2017

Differ from others with CWMALLS Designer Flat Shoes

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2017 Original Design, Handcraft Series – CWMALLS Women’s Flats officially being sold both online and offline synchronously all over the world. The joint work of European traditional craftsmanship that has come down one hundred years and CWMALLS Network Lab, we show you one and another pair of casual, fashionable, technological, artistic and intelligent Flats. Unique outsole structure design makes the functional features such as massage, health care, softness and abrasion resistance become the focus. Rich color collocation is also the constant feeling. Personalized style fully shows the DNA of original design. New elements which take beauty, perfection, freedom, lightness and convenience, handcraft, network and globalization as the representatives, are fully sublimated and inherited in every pair of CWMALLS® Flats. Just as an article of New York Times said that flats had invaded women’s life, so every woman ought to own one pair of flats.


CWMALLS® Flats” is the model of original design and handcraft, and it speaks for the online order and offline experience. Pure natural and ecological material, crafted by 68 working procedures of traditional craftsmanship, what we show you are one and another pair of handiworks and art works. This is an original design revolution for challenging ourselves and break through ourselves, its crazy design concept activates every inspiration, and makes creativity instantly become the fashion and trend. Meanwhile, we will timely share and interact with you via,, and we also provide you with global unified standard products, prices and services, some styles also support Custom Made service, Wholesales service, Distribution service, ODM & OEM service. Look forward to your attention and consulting. For this purpose, our operation team and design team will carry out “Artistic Innovation” upgrade aimed at Sandals series, Boots series, Pumps series and Wedges series, to implant more details and elements to CWMALLS Flats series, to develop the new products with more internet features and to offer them to worldwide “netizens” to share and experience. This is the original masterpiece from CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS complex for the online shopping festival in the spring of 2017, please bring more comfort and surprises to his, her or your casual, travel and vocation life! CWMALLS Shoes Series look forward to sharing more with you!


Feb 16, 2017

Show your glamour in Leather Bomber Jackets

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS COMMODITY 2017 innovative designer series – Men’s Moto Leather Jacket and Men’s Bomber Leather Jacket officially coming online for sale all over the world. Designed with innovative themes such as the science of technology, intelligence and futurity, what it shows to you are the sexy, passion and dream. Set off by pure natural, ecological material(goatskin, sheepskin, and calfskin), its slim design, personalized embroidering, abstract printing, unique embossed patterns, colorful labels and many other innovative mechanism elements can make you feel its power at anytime. This is the top work of 2017 Spring/Summer CWMALLS® Men’s Leather Jacket series, and more of the super endorsement of technology elements and intelligent elements. Human body design structure with golden ratio, and aesthetic design with unique functions, will make you become its fans instantly, and it deserves your owning! Take action! This is an extraordinary travel of experience!leather-bomber-jacketsCWMALLS® Leather Jackets” series set sail with innovative design, shares with original design, achieve charm with details, and show its essence with personality, together with their perfect posture, and free gait to create a unique self for every dreamer. Civilization of ancient Egypt pyramid, Europe’s Renaissance, and innovation and risk taking in modern times, all can find its home in every style of Men’s Moto Leather Jacket and Men’s Bomber Leather Jacket. This is the new value, this is the new design concept, it carries the splendid civilization of human history to explore the unknown, to pursue the truth. It is also from the world-class joint innovation, design and manufacture, as well as the great efforts of CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS complex, finally what we show you are the real sense of technological art and intelligent art, classic black and mysterious black also inject every style of Men’s Leather Jacket with infinite vitality and energy. Personalized embroidered, embossed, printed patterns become more stereo and colorful under the effects of nanometer, laser and other modern technology. All kinds of green, environmental, and textured fabrics and auxiliary material become more natural and beautiful with the physical-chemical reaction of washing and vegetable tanning workmanship. This is the strength, this is the feeling, this is the innovation that determine the world’s speed! CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY will conquer you, him, her and me at the “rocket” speed. So please don’t hesitate to look more into the jacket you are interested in however old you are as any age can have its leather moto jacket. Welcome your continuous attention to everything of CWMALLS! CWMALLS COMMODITY will be more wonderful with your common participation!


Feb 15, 2017

Online Customization for each of you

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY officially launching 2017 innovation, service activity. This is a grand banquet of technology and art, and more of a carnival of standard and intelligence. A great combination of CWMALLS technology team, design team, product team and service team opens up epochal experience for your, his and her quality living and tasteful life. Welcome all partners, old and new customers, clients in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific to actively experience CWMALLS online custom made service, its uniqueness is just your start of excellence! There is action, change, future and……

“CWMALLS Online Customization” will be the precedent of mobile and intelligent age for online living and shopping; meanwhile, it is also a reveal for CWMALLS to build standardized value ecosystem. With all mobile communication, interaction and sharing, and all intelligent video, measurement and confirmation, you can enjoy the superior online service from CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS complex at any time and any place. Therefore, we carry out targeted online custom made service aimed at our original designed, handmade new products(Leather Jacket, Sheepskin Coat, Fur Coat, Dress Shoes, Dress Boots, Backpack, etc.), to make you really experience the convenience, security, fashion and standard of mobile online service. In the meanwhile, we also offer some online personalized services such as “online personal tailor” service, “online wholesale” service, “online distribution” service, “online group buy” service, “online design” service and so on, which make you really experience the innovation abilities and strengths of CWMALLS and CWMALLS COMMODITY. With the guarantee of specialized customer service, technicians and services, “CWMALLS Online Customization” will make security, surprises, happiness become the theme of online living, shopping and sharing. Global unified quality, price and service both online and offline will provide more fashion icons, web celebrities, famous people, fans with dreamy online custom made experience, and it is also a charming blossom for the global standardization of CWMALLS Network Brand and CWMALLS Online Brand. Look forward to your active appreciation and experience! Extraordinary CWMALLS expects to share with you who are outstanding!


Feb 14, 2017

The Top Fashion of Jeans in CWMALLS

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2017 Original Design, Valentine’s Day Gift Series officially being sold all over the world as “Limited Edition”. Its originality, which takes personality, beauty, sexiness and freedom as the design concepts, is perfectly shown in every unique pair of Ripped Jeans. The application of innovation materials(Cotton, Linen, Wool, Spandex, Lycra, Nylon, Dorlastan, etc.), high-tech craft(Nano Technology, Laser Technology, 3D Technology, etc.), diverse and personalized services(providing Custom Made, Personal Tailor, ODM & OEM, etc.), rich color collocation(vintage color, popular color, unusual color, classic color, etc.), they work together to let every pair of CWMALLS® Jeans send out the flavor of spring and true love. Welcome cool guys, girls, fashion icons, web celebrities, fans, old and new customers, consumers to pay great attention, actively appreciate and experience it. Its brilliance is just your excellence!
jeans-for-menAs “conqueror“, “the brave” and “innovator”, “CWMALLS® Jeans” opens up the spring and summer travel of CWMALLS global and mobile shopping and living, and it is sexy, charming and stylish as usual. This is boys’ and girls’ dream of rhapsody, and also it is the new endorsement of youth and vitality. Every detail and structure can make the indulgent gene become more attractive. This is a chorus of traditional handicraft which comes down one hundred years and modern technology, and as well as the new crystal of artistry and intelligence, it breaks the routine, subverts the tradition, and becomes the reason for recommending, experiencing and sharing 2017 CWMALLS Ripped Jean Series. 501 series, multi-pocket series, slim series, tie-dyed series, memorial series, business series, sports series, leisure series, 2in1 series(100 cotton+100% fleece lining) and so on, these numerous original styles will bring more surprises and values to your quality living and dreamy life. This is the latest work of CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS complex for the romantic spring of 2017, it stands for dream, vitality, energy and future, it also stands for technology, art, intelligence and ecology. Hope worldwide partners can share it actively! Let CWMALLS Original Design bring more happiness to your quality life!  If you want to learn about some luxury brands of Men’s Jeans, please have a look at this article.


Feb 13, 2017